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I want to change divorce lawyers, but I have already had my case management conference and now I am hearing that

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Now I am hearing that sometimes the court won't let you change lawyers after the conference. No one indicated this to me before. Seems to me that people change all the time. Can you shed some light on this?

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How many lawyers have you been through already?

Generally, if it is the "client" that wants a different lawyer, the court will allow it. You have the right to hire and fire your attorney. What you are probably hearing is that on the flip side, after a certain point, the court may not let a lawyer withdraw. So, if the lawyer wants to get out, sometimes they can't. However, it will be up to the judge to allow the attorney to withdraw.


You have the right to change your attorney at any time. The attorney may not withdraw from a case after the early settlement panel date without filing a motion and being allowed by the court.

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You can change your lawyer without the court's permission anytime before a trial date is set. Once a trial date is set, you can substitute one attorney for another or choose to represent yourself but the courts are little more careful in allowing the change of attorneys when a trial date is approaching because it can jeopardize the client's case.

You should consider meeting with an attorney well-versed in these areas.

Additionally, below are links to articles and information that may assist you with your issue.

Good luck.
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