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I want to apply for citizenship but have a Misdemeanor DUI from2004 on record.No other offenses ever,before that or after

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How does expunging the record help in matters like this? The attorney who was with me back then was a friend of a friend and he had NO CLUE what he was doing.Heentered a guilty plea!!!! Should I apply on my own and just send the certified copy of the arrest report or will getting a lawyer make a big difference.Hopefully this time someone that knows what they are doing

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One DUI should not have a negative impact on your application for citizenship. Generally the last five years are reviewed most closely when it comes to criminal activity.

One DUI I does not a drunkard make. As long as your application shows you are generally of good moral character, this one incident should not have a significant impact.

However it might be a good idea to have a experienced immigration lawyer review your application, arrest and court records to determine if there are issues that need clarification.

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Unfortunately, for immigration purposes, expunging the DUI won't do anything for you. It's probably better to have an immigration attorney help you through it, but I don't suspect it will make that much of a difference.

Best to consult an immigration attorney instead of a DUI or criminal attorney. Good luck!

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You should ask an Immigration attorney, but I don't think a DUI will preclude citizenship.

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I am not an immigration attorney. However, my understanding is that the DUI is a removeable offense. You will need to attack the conviction itself. For that you will probably need a nowledgeable defense attorney.

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Repost this question to the 'Immigration" Practice Area so that you attract responses from attorneys with experience in this specialized area of law. Good luck.


Obtaining a dismissal under Penal Code section 1203.4 (commonly, and wrongfully, referred to as California's "expungement" statute) should not have much, if any, an effect on the immigration status issue. Contact an experience immigration attorney for the best advice moving forward.

Good Luck!

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