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I want my security deposit back landlord put he house up for sale..did not tell me I found out on internet. can I move?

Glassport, PA |

just signed a lease for 6 mon... now I have to move...she broke the lease in my opinion. I want my deposit now I have to move out before December. was not planning on moving just moved in in Jan. S she did not tell me I found out she was selling on the internet, we had a flood from rain in the basement and she was upset next thing I know my house was up for sale. I do not want to wait until winter to move please tell me what to do.

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She broke the lease "in your opinion?" I don't agree with your opinion. If you just signed a 6 month lease, why do you need to move out by December? I you have a lease, the new owner will have to take the house subject to your tenancy - or the sale will have to wait until your lease is over. Unless the lease has a provision allowing it, she cannot terminate the lease for this reason.

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If you signed a six month lease, you are obligated for six months. The fact that your landlord is selling the house does not affect your obligations. If you did not want to have to move in December, you should not have signed a lease that ends in December.

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Selling the property is not an automatic breach of your lease agreement. You should read your lease carefully to see if any of your landlord's actions rise to the level of a breach. Most likely you are obligated to pay through the end of your 6 month term, unless your lease specifically identifies the sale (or attempted sale) of the property as violation of the lease.

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