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I want a seperation, ppl say don't leave the house or you will luz all. Spouse has said I will shoot you or set you on fire. ??

Rhinebeck, NY |

Do I leave or stay, will i luz everything to spouse..

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If your safety and life are in danger LEAVE. You will not get less of the home or assets because you left. If you have kids take them with you. Call the police if you need help.

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You should consult a local attorney and discuss your situation in detail.

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You need to consult with a local attorney ASAP. If you are threatened, call the police. If you feel unsafe, leave.

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You should consult an attorney as you could get a sty away order of protection and get him out of the house if the facts are as you relate.


Call the police because of the threats and get an order of protection. If you are forced to leave because of these threats, that is not voluntarily leaving the house. Take your children and your pets. But in any event, you wil need the police to intervene and make the report.

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