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I want a divorce. We owner financed home, both of us on paperwork! No children together. Can I keep house and how?

Midland, TX |

We have no children together but I have a son who visits frequently, I want to fight for my house

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You should talk to a lawyer about strategy and execution. If the house is the only major asset the two of you have it may take some creative options to retain the house.


First, when you are dividing any asset in divorce, you need to consider whether you value cash, assets, and how to achieve that goal. In trying to keep the house, if it is truly your only asset, you need to consider whether you have other separate property or capital to buy your husband out of his share of the home. I recommend seeking counsel to creatively consider your options.


As a legal matter, there are ways to place the home in your name.

As a financial matter, the issue may be whether you qualify for a mortgage in your name alone and whether you can afford the carrying costs on your own.

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