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I walked into my terminally ill sisters house tonight as she was signing papers while under the influence of narcotics...

Yakima, WA |

while her husband and a life insurance representative was there. Her husband had abandoned her approximatly 4 months ago and approximatly a month ago he came back home. She was diagosed with stage 4 lung cancer over 3 years ago and doesn't have long to live. I know little about her will or insurance policies but do know she received a sizeable inheritance from my father passing earlier this year. Everything is in her and her husbands name. Long story short, is it legal for an insurance agent and her husband to have her sign life insurance papers this far into her illness and while under the influence of narcotics with only myself being a witness to the event? I believe her husband is negligent in her care and abusing the power he holds being her husband and primary caretaker.

I was not a witness to the signing of this document nor was there a lawyer present. Only her husband and the Insurance Agent were present when I arrived.

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If you signed as a witness then by implication you have made eh determination that in your opinion she was competent to understand what she was signing. There should have been an attorney present.

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Please contact Adult Protective Services and report this. No one deserves to be taken advantage of when they are weak and dying. Report this. Thanks. Elizabeth Powell

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