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I waited total of 45 mins before taking off the laundry and owner came after I am even done with my laundry

San Diego, CA |

She called the police and police told me that I do not have the right to touch her laundry. This is the laundry of the condo unit we live. I waited for 45 mins, no one came to pick up laundry, I removed it and placed it on the table. I did my 30mins laundry and placed it in the drier and my laundry was already dring for 15 mins when the owner arrived to sum it all she did not pick up her laundry for almost 1.50 hours.She called the police, Police said I am not supposed to touch her this right and fair?

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I think I have a great area for San Diego to solve some of their budget worries: cut back on obviously excessive police resources. If they have time to mediate a laundry dispute for a mentally disturbed clothes dryer hog, then they have too many officers. That they took the side of this person is astounding. All together a sad incident. You behaved normally and reasonably in my view. Perhaps you should alert the Condo association to this person's conduct so they can warn her not to involve police on such silly "issues" again.


No, and it's crazy that someone would bother the police for something like this. This is at most a matter for your condo to have a rule for, and if they don't, this is really a situation where common sense and common courtesy in using shared resources like a laundry room should prevail.

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