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I visited a restaurant/bowling alley Saturday. I was with a group of people one of them was being rowdy and the manager asked us

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Have already called corporate office and they will not assist in the matter

Sorry the rest got cut out. The manager asked us to leave. I informed him we had a bill at the bar. He said just leave. The next day there was a charge on my card for the entire groups charges. They took my card info from the bowling part of the establishment and ran a charge at the bar and signed it without my permission. I called their corporate office and they said they wouldn't refund the charge. I called my bank and they said I can put in a dispute claim. Is there anything I can do besides that?

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Was anyone injured? It looks like your question did not completely post.

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I do not see a viable claim as I do not see any damages. You can aways just not go back there and find a new place to bowl. I am sorry for your unfortunate evening.


I am not sure what the question is? If you were injured I would contact a local personal injury attorney and consult with them in person. You can find a qualified attorney on AVVO.

Good luck.

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this is unfortunate. however, i cant say that they did anything illegal, especially in that someone in your crowd was rowdy and they related you guys to that person


What is your question?

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Definitely follow the rules for disputing the charges with your bank credit card. If they need things in writing, put it in writng. Sounds to me like the place waived their rights to make charges, since you all offered to go to the bar and pay the tab, but they refused you. If you personally owed x dollars, they could possibly get paid for that, but you shouldnt be responsible for the entire tab.
If the credit card co doesnt remove the charge, you could try to sue the restaurant bowling alley in small claims court. I cant predict what a judge will rule. You can talk to a local consumer law atty re credit card dispute and whther the bar violated any laws in charging your card when not authorized.

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