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I violated my probation with a new charge, can i get my record sealed or expunged?

Deltona, FL |

I received a possession of oxy charge , put on probation , Violated with an arson charged that got dropped to a criminal mischeif . can I get this sealed or expunged so I can find a job ? mi in college trying to out weigh this records bad look .

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If you were adjudicated on the possession charge, the answere is no.


It depends. If you were adjudicated guilty on either charge (or ANY charge for that matter), then you can never get any charge in Florida sealed or expunged.


If you have any convictions (ie were adjudicated guilty) on your record, you are not eligible to have your record sealed. If your probation was revoked, you were adjudicated pursuant to Florida Statutes. You will need to review your judgement and sentence to determine if you were convicted.


If you retained your withhold of adjudication and were not adjudicated guilty of the criminal mischief you can still seal the POC charge.

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