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I violated my probation how long will i serve in jail?

Jonesboro, GA |

I violated my probation which ive had for only 1 month, that i was given for driving without a license. I was pulled over for having a tag light off, and bailed out on bond the next morning. The incident happened in a different county than where i currently have probation. I am not aware with the system so could you please elaborate and explain, my possibilities and steps i could take to ensure that i do not serve time in jail, and what possible consequences could be given to me. i also need a lawyer to represent me in my upcoming court date that can ensure me that i will not receive a second probation (if that is even possible)

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The maximum amount of time you could serve in jail is the remaining time you have on probation or 2 years in jail whichever is less. However, I don't see either of these scenarios happening. It would be a good move for you to hire a local attorney who is familiar with the court you are in, and who is familiar with the judge who will be handling your case. The lawyer will know specifics about whether the judge is more likely to say give you community service, etc. instead of jail time, and what steps can be taken to better your position when you go to court.

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