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I violated my own restraining order against my ex by seeing him again and now he is acting crazy again and i am in fear *help*

Downey, CA |

since I have allowed him to come into my home a few times and went out with this person of whom I have a 3 year pertected order against does that get me in trouble and does that mean it's now invalid? I went to the police today with my son because he was threating me in my home and locked me up and tossed me around a bit and so in self defense I hit him in face and he has a slight mark on forehead and police said he can press charges on me and I can on him is this true? I feared for my safty why should I go to jail? Please help !!!!!

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Attorney answers 1


Your having invited the restrained person into your home was not prudent but it also was not a violation of the restraining order. He is the one who is prohibited from contact, not you. You should report this incident to the police and refrain from initiating contact in the future for your own safety.

Your ex cannot press charges; only the DA can. That is not likely to happen in this case since you have the protective order, not him.