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I violated felony probation do you think the judge willrevoke my probation?

Santa Ana, CA |

i was placed on felony probation for posession and intent to sale of marijuana back in june 22, 2010 i recently was charged fot misdemeanor dui last sunday, i report to my probation officer next week to take me into custody. this is my first violation, do u think the judge will revoke my probation and give me my prison term? the criminal record i have are these charges and a possesion ticket that was dismissed in feb. of 2010. i dont have money for a lawyer so i dont know what to do

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I have handled a number of Felony Probation Violation Matters as a result of new DUI Case, especially in the Santa Ana Court where your case may be filed, where the Probation Department has asked/demanded for 180 days, but I had arranged for 45 days of custody, including time served while awaitng for the Probation Violation matter to be resolved. In the past, the 45 days had been served prior to the final court hearing to resolve the Probation Violation. Hence, by the time the matter was concluded by the court, no additional jail time was ordered by the judge.

If you cannot hire a criminal defense attorney, then request at your Arraignment Hearing at Public Defender.

If I may be of further assistance, please contact myself.

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thank you.. i went to court while in custody and my public defender told me the dui was denied and that my violation was revoked so i will not be doing jail time.. the DA filed a motion to withdraw charges and the judge found me not guilty of violating probation.. do i still have to go to cout for the dui on june 13th im very confused


Will the judge revoke your probation? Yes. Will you go to prison? Who knows. There are so many factors that could less to prison. Get a pd at your DUI arraignment and tell him/her about your situation.

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He could revoke and reinstate probation because its for a completely different crime, but that isn't always the case.

It is always a good idea to get an attorney for these cases. Some attorneys offer payment plans.

Feel free to give me a call for a full detailed consultation.

Elliot Zarabi


It really depends on a lot of factors. However, if you haven't been violated before, the courts may not be ready to throw you in the over crowd prisons when they have to cut back on prison population.

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