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I violated felony probation 6 months ago, My probation officer at the time told me she wasnt going to violate me,

Forest Park, GA |

Since then my probation officer as changed 3 times and i have yet to meet any of the new ones due to the fact that i call in to report, Now, I all of a sudden have a warrant for my arrest because of what happened 6 months ago....Will this hold in court.....What would be my best defense, I currently have 2 kids, 2 jobs, and a house, and this would completely screw everything ive worked so hard for up......Desperate For Help.......Thanks

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First things first - You need to get this under control BEFORE you get arrested on the warrant! Get an attorney right NOW who can speak with Probation and try to get things worked out. Whether or not a judge might eventually decide to let you go, if you get arrested before an attorney helps you take care of things, you risk sitting in jail a long time waiting to get in front of a judge.
Please let me know if I can be of assistance. I would be happy to help.
M. Jason Rhoades


The best thing to do is schedule an appointment with a local lawyer to discuss your case.

Best of luck to you,

S. Carlton Rouse, Esq.
Rouse & Co. LLC

Comments provided by S.Carlton Rouse are not intended to create an attorney/client relationship. In addition, the answer provided was based upon the limited information provided online, as such, any opinion/suggestion/comment could likely change after consultation and/or further review of the facts/documentation. For adequate legal advise, you should contact a lawyer and have a detailed consultation.


You should have discussed this with a lawyer six months ago but now it is imperative that you speak with a lawyer as soon as possible.


Get a lawyer as soon as possible. S/he would be in the best position to assist you.


You stand a good chance, provided that you can prove you called or visited as required. Who is your judge? It makes a huge difference.
Call me at 770-472-7334, I can help.
Byron Morgan, Attorney (local experience of 22 years)



Carter in Clayton County


Sometimes in this situation a lawyer can negotiate with probation and get everything worked out before you actually get arrested. It just depends on the jurisdiction and the probation officer. It is very important that you select an attorney who practices regularly in the court that you were sentenced in. Also, it would be best if the attorney knows the probation office which is monitoring you.

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