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I violated dui probation, did the full 9 months in jail. Do I still have to have my vehicle impounded?

Fort Lauderdale, FL |
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There are several ways to answer this, depending upon how the judge sentenced you on your vop. If the vop sentence states "D6 License until defendant shows proof to the clerk of the conditions of probation", then you must show proof to the clerk that you've completed these conditions before the suspension will be lifted.

If the vop contains no such requirement, then you do not have to complete that condition of probation. Of course, some conditions of probation are ALSO required by DMV in order to get your DL back, including the DUI CounterAttack School. It wouldn't hurt to contact DMV (if by phone, be prepared to wait 25+ minutes!) to ask about what steps must be taken to obtain your DL back.

Good Luck!


Since you can't do any more time in jail and your probation should have been terminated, then for court purposes you do not have to do the impound. HOWEVER, the DMV may require you to show proof that it is completed before you can get your license back. You won't know the answer to that question until you go get your license. If they say you have to get it done, then you have to get it done. Even if the DMV requires it for your license, you are not required to do the impound, other than to get your license back. Good luck.


Yes. DMV is not likely to give you a license until it is done.

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