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I've identified a liquid bath soap for children I would like to import. What should I be aware of?

Brooklyn, NY |

It's a specific liquid soap for children that I would like to sell in this country. What are the hurdles to get it legally approved by the proper channels? I'd appreciate any help.

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This is not advice you should be seeking on the internet. There are a whole host of issues and problems that you need to deal with. You need to sit down, not merely with a business lawyer, but an attorney who knows about import/export for cosmetic products. There are federal and state regulations, beyond federal laws, which you must comply with.



Thank you Gary


First, it sounds like you are looking to establish a distributor relationship which would require a distribution agreement between you and the manufacturer of the product. The distribution agreement will govern the terms of your relationship and will set forth your rights and obligations in the relationship. The distribution agreement will (or should) cover a number of issues such as whether or not you will have exclusive rights, your distribution territory, your obligations to market the product, etc. Because you are dealing with soap, you will have to abide by the requirements set forth by the FDA or the CPSC (depending on the type of ingredients). There are a host of other issues involved in this type of relationship and for this type of product but you should be able to jump any hurdles you encounter.



A lot to think about. This helps. Thank you.

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