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I've heard that in an auto accident civil case that they can't bring up tickets or criminal charges but what code section is it?

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I've been trying to find the specific code that states some prohibition of bringing up any criminal charges. I am the defendant. I like reading up on this stuff and knowing what's going on. Thinking of getting a new lawyer as I am not happy with the present one. I don't like being in the dark. Thanks.

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The Police Report and any Citations are protected under privilege and not admissible at Trial in FL. Also criminal charges are also irrelevant unless they go toward your truthfulness and veracity (credit card fraud, tax evasion, passing a forged instrument). Even those sometimes aren't admissible if they occurred long ago with no offenses since.

Also they can ask you if you've been convicted of a felony but if you answer yes truthfully they can't go any further. If you answer no and have been convicted than they can get into more specificity.

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These answers can be found in various portions of the Evidence code and vehicle code 20013. However, the analysis is more complicated than a single code provision depending on the underlying facts and posture of the case. You should probably discuss your concerns with your attorney.

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Cool, I found that one, I guess I thought there would be more.


these issues will need to be addressed in motions in limine. They could be relevant if related to the accident upon which the lawsuit was based.


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