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I've got appointment with my lawyer about my work men's comp case for the first time and what questions i should ask him?

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I had gotten hurt on my job 2 and half yrs ago. I seen my lawyers's and my job's doctors about 2mos ago. I've been laid off from my job for 1yr and a half. when I was hurt I never new the severity of my injury until I seen both doctors. they both told me that i have a heriated disc in my neck and the numbers are 4-7. I have ben dealing with this injury for 2yrs with no medical treantment because I was laidoff and no health insurance. Im a few seconds from broke especially after sandy hit new jersey. what questions should I ask him?

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You need to discuss further treatment and if it was suggested by either Doctor. My guess is that resolving your claim now would better suit your needs. Given that 2 years have gone by it will be difficult to convince a Judge to let you treat again.
Pursuing treatment will possibly delay settlement of your claim.


Several questions to ask: Is the accident admitted by the employer? Has a doctor determined that you are still in need of treatment? Has a doctor determined that you are unable to work as a result of the injury? The fact that you were laid off has no relationship to whether you get or are entitled to treatment or temp. If you are unable to work as a result of the injury and the accident is admitted and you are still in need of treatment you may be entitled to temporary disability. There may be other issues( In addition to the above) that may prompt a respondent to deny the claim including prior or subsequent accident involving the same body part. Discuss with your "workers Compensation" attorney.

Anthony J Van Zwaren

Anthony J Van Zwaren


I agree, especially in that there may be a claim for temporary disability in addition to the WC injury. Did you receive any temp. disability payments from your employer? Did you apply for SSD?


Other then the good questions posted you need to know his worker’s comp. experience, past experience with the worker’s comp. carrier/adjuster/attorney, and what the maximum value of your case is (if they are able to do this).

Good luck and try to stay dry.

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