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I've got a red light camera ticket for not making a complete stop when turning right even though slowly proceeded with caution.

Encinitas, CA |

From the video they gave me , I think It was not even me, but my friend visiting me from out of country and needed to move her luggage. Can I say it was "not Me" without giving out her name ? Do they have he right to insist to disclose her name?
Ticket Code 21453(a),21455.5

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No. You are not required by law to disclose the name or any info about the driver. Your obligation is only to demonstrate that it is not you. Check out the Web-site devoted to defending these tickets -- thereeis a wealth of great information there aboutethis issue and much more.

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Thank you SO MUCH Christine ! But.. HOW can I " demonstrate that it's not me? What would be a sufficient evidence? The picture is quite vague ( unless they have a better one in their disposal) and we remotely look similar.Also they gave me a Notice of Violation where they say I MUST disclose the name of the other person if I was not a driver. What should I write there ?


The officer has to be able to say that the person in the photo is you, based on a comparison of the photo to your DMV photo. If it clearly is not you then the cop will dismiss it. Get a lawyer. If you go in yourself the cop can see first hand what you look like. That can only help you if it is clearly not you in the photo.


You are NEVER required to get the name of the person driving your vehicle. The picture must clearly show that it is you. You might want to speak with a traffic ticket attorney about. Provide the a copy of your license with photo.


Being in Encinitas I am guessing your case is either out of Vista or San Diego traffic. What works best in these courts for a red light camera ticket is to do a trail by declaration or TBD. You or your attorney will fill out the TBD paperwork and submit it along with a copy of your driver's license to the court. A Jduge will review the paperwork and as long it is not you driving you should win the case. You do not have to disclose the identity of the person driving the car. I have the TBD forms for San Diego county so email me if you cannot find them and I will get them to you.