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I've got charge with poss. of marijuana misdemeanor less than an oz. do I need a lawyer in court to be with me...

Marietta, GA |

this is my first time with a weed charge.. and can I get my record sealed for that charge and can I do it wit out an lawyer

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Yes you do need a lawyer. We offer free telephone consultation.

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Yes you need a lawyer. Yes it is possible to get the case dismissed and "restricted" from your criminal history.


If you decide to go without an attorney, be careful as a plea to this charge can not only remain permanently on your record, but can also suspend your driving privileges. I suggest you contact an attorney, at least for a free consultation.

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Yes you need a lawyer. If it is in Cobb, you may be able to avoid the restriction issue altogether with a pre-trial diversion. The diversion program requires a lawyer.

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You may have two options available for resolving this charge without getting convicted. Moreover, you also may be able to get your criminal history restricted so that this charge does not appear on a background check. However, you cannot do this without a lawyer. One of the options is not even available to you without counsel to get you into the program. Neither of these option will be offered to you by the State unless you (through your lawyer) ask for it. Therefore, you will need an attorney to help with these charges unless you want to ensure that a conviction for this crime shows up on your record.

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