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I,ve been summoned to appear in court over a hospital bill i cannot pay. can they seize my personal property such as 2 vehicles

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1being a 2000 olds minivan worth prox 2500.00 and 2 being a 1995 dodge pickup worth about 2500.00. a 1 yr old tv & sound system i paid 1400.00 for still owe 500.00 on. a refrigerator that is approximately 5 yrs old i paid 1200.00. everything else is paid off except the tv and sound system. i live in a house that has a mortgage balance of approximately 120,000.00. my only income ssi disability of 1488.00. everything else i have clothing and furniture. the state of tennessee has a 10,000.00 exemption so do i need to do anything except show up for the hearing ?

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Every state allows you to protect a certain amount of property from creditors, unless it is the creditor with the lien. If you are being sued, you should go to court and raise any defenses you have. You may even be able to settle. If anyone other than the original party has shown up, you can defend making them prove that they have a right to collect.

The judgment once entered is only half the story. The creditor has to file another suit to collect. They do not want anything that cannot be converted into quick cash. Here, you may need an attorney depending on what the creditor does to collect.

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