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I've been slandered at work w/ lies that've affected my work, health & career. Lies repeated by former employees to new employer

Atlanta, GA |

The lies are so horrendous that they've damaged my career. What can I do to bring justice and the truth to light &/or sue the employer who allowed this to take place or to SUE the employees themselves who called my new employer and employees?

These were malicious acts to cause hate and discontent in the workplace. I'm ready to take them down &/or the company to court (or settle) for allowing this to persist.

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You may have cliams for libel and/or slander, and also for tortious interference with contract, but would have to know more about the facts of your case in order to be able to give you any opinion about the strength of your case or its potential value. I suggest you make an appointment to speak with an attorney and get some advice.


Employers do have a certain amount of immunity to provide references upon request. However, you may have claim if they acted outside of the scope of merely providing a requested reference.

More information is needed to determine if you may have a claim. However, please remember these type claims are difficult to win because of 1st Amendment issues. Nevertheless, based upon the information you provided, if they are purposefully stalking you by calling and providing unsolicited information to your employer, you should have several causes of action.

I have handled defamation matters. So, if you need additional information, please contact me for an appointment.

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