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I've been married twice, do you think my 2nd husband will get denied his GC because its a short interval between my marriages?

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I put in a petition for my first husband and cancelled and got a divorce after finding out he was seeking a GC only. I got married to my 2nd husband and I'm petitioning for his GC card. We've been married for almost 3 yrs and been waiting for an answer every since. We receive a NOID, because they said some of our interview answers didn't match for the weekend in question.

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That will depend on whether USCIS made an official finding that your first marriage was fraudulant. If they did, then the second I-130 petition will be extremely difficult to get approved. Even if they did not make an official fraud finding, they may be taking a very close look at this second marriage, especially if there really were inconsistencies during your interview. I definitely recommend that you have an attorney assist you in this matter, and I hope that USCIS makes a favorable decision for you and your husband.

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