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I've been married for less than a year and want a divorce

San Antonio, TX |

I'm active duty military, we've never lived together nor have we bought anything together the only thing we've done together is do our taxes recently but i dont care about that she can have her share of it but what else money wise would happen to me?

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Unfortunately, it's very difficult to answer your question with the limited information provided. Although you're active duty, state law governs divorce. Which state has jurisdiction of the marriage depends first on you and/or your spouse's residence in the state and the state's jurisdictional laws. That said, each service has regulations governing the financial obligations of military members to their dependents absent court orders. I recommend you seek advice through your local legal assistance office. They can advise you concerning your particular circumstances and your obligations under your service's regulations.

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No problem. You can have a divorce. You can give her whatever are the miscellaneous assets. You didn't buy anything together, but did either of you incur debt during the marriage? Does she need ongong support due to disability? Is she pregnant? All no, then bad financial surprises are probably not lurking.

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