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I've been charged with possession of marijuana & paraphernalia in Tucson, Arizona and i'm 16. What can I do?

Tucson, AZ |

I was parked with some friends by a bus station killing time because we had to go to our school graduation. We weren't smoking just sitting there when a police officer came up to my window and told us that they were called because earlier that week someone had gotten stabbed in that parking lot and we looked suspicious. My friend in the passenger seat had smoked prior to this incident so his eyes were red. The police officer eventually asked if I had any drugs in the car to which I replied with a "no". He eventually asked me if he could search my car so I let him. He found lass than a gram of marijuana and paraphernalia.

I forgot to mention they were charged as two class 6 felonies.

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Consult with an attorney immediately. In Illinois you would be facing two class A misdemeanors punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $2500. Furthermore, this could impact your ability to get student loans.

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