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I've been charged with domestic violence assault in the fourth degree. I have a spotless record.

Mount Vernon, WA |

We got into an argument she started ripping off the Christmas lights off the house. I called her grandmother to come pick her up before the neighbors called the police. I separated her from the house and the Christmas lights Nonviolently. She tried to get inside the house and I kept her from doing so. She attacked me, we got into a struggle and slipped in the grass because it was muddy right when the cops showed up. I went to jail. No contact order was issued. Later on she went to court and had the no contact order removed. She is on my side and will testify with me in court. I have an outstanding lawyer. The city wants to plea with disorderly conduct. Nope. I didn't do anything wrong. The neighbors already have it out for me it's their word against mine. Will this case be dismissed?

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Do not share details of your case in this forum. Ask your current attorney if your case will be dismissed. If you are not satisfied with his or her response you might want to consult with alternative counsel.


Talk to your attorney. An attorney on the outside looking in shouldn't have any say in this matter so make sure you voice all of your concerns and thought with your attorney. It will be very important to be on the same page. If you are not pleased with your attorney and he/she is a private attorney hire a different one. If you are please with your attorney then TALK and TALK some more until you are ready. If you have a PD then you can't choose your PD, he/she is appointed by the court and so if you want a new attorney you would have to hire someone. Good Luck


Your attorney is in a better position to answer this question. On the one hand, your wife supports you. On the other hand, technically an Assault 4 includes just about any violent physical act. The prosecution can proceed even if your wife wants the charges dismissed. Disorderly conduct might be better than a substantial risk of conviction after a trial.

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I would not disclose anymore details, both on here or to anyone else (other than your attorney). The City is always trying to build a case against you, especially if the facts are weak. You indicated you have an outstanding attorney. That is your main resource. Use him or her, and good luck.

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