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I’ve been arrested 3 months ago for 3 misdemeanors and I’m out on bail. How will it take for the DA file charges against me

New London, WI |

Police gave me citations for battery, disorderly conduct, and carrying a concealed weapon.

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the state has up to 3 years to charge misdemeanors usually it is within a few months and it is unusual for it to take more than a year.

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It is usually the case that cases are charged soon after the law enforcement reports are submitted to the prosecutor. The other attorney is correct, though, for most misdemeanors in Wisconsin under most circumstances, the prosecutor could wait up to 3 years.

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It is correct that the State has 3 years to file misdemeanor charges. However, you indicated that you are out on bail. That suggests that charges have already been filed. Unless you simply posted cash at the police station to be released. I suggest that you telephone the District Attorney's Office and ask if they have a referral for you. Then you will at least know whether or not someone there is reviewing your matter. This is another type of situation where retaining a lawyer on a pre-charging basis could be very helpful.