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I understand that NJ Defendants are excluded from PTI if Previously Diverted....

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But is that only for previous diversion programs in New Jersey or does it include programs in other states? I am applying for PTI but I went through an acelerated rehab program in CT a while back. Will that preclude me? I am also not a resident of New Jersey...will that matter?

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In NJ one of the reasons for rejection is a prior diversion. The language used is "a similar program" to the NJ diversions an only one diversion is permitted.. However there is case law that would allow entry after a prior diversion out of state. It is likely that the prosecutor will not buy the argument and you would not be allowed into PTI. PTI is a prosecutor’s program so unless their rejection is a "patent and gross abuse of discretion" a judge will not and cannot overturn it. That is an extremely high standard. In Monmouth the prosecutor rejects for just about anything, they are much tougher on PTI admission than many other counties. You need an experience criminal defense attorney to even make the attempt. Call for a consultation if you like.


If the program in CT was a diversionary program, it will preclude PTI. Being from another state will not prevent entry into PTI.


It seems highly unlikely that you would be granted PTI with your prior diversionary history.

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