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I traded a 1995 silverado truck......even trade for a 1999 vw beetle, had it exactly 1 mth 5 days, been in garage 3 times

Morganton, NC |

It was pushing out coolant thru overflow. Had it checked out 2 days after trade. The mechanic said head gasket, ask me where i traded at, i told him, he actually done work sometimes for car lot.....vw only. Well after paying for a new thermostat, and having water pump checked...the head gasket was next. He didnt put new gasket on........another mechanic did.......he was cheaper. The first mechanic noticed the cooling fans had been stop car from running hot while someone test drove it. The owner of car lot had talked to him a few weeks before i traded for the vw. and ask him if the fans ran slower would that help the car not to run hot sooner. He remembered the car from the call recieved from dealer. DO i have a case? i have the mechanics statement on my reciept

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