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I took out a payday loan in 2011, not long after that I lost my job, my checking account and was unable to pay back the loan.

Kissimmee, FL |

Now I am getting emails stating that a lawsuit is being filled against me in New York, and that I will have to attend court there. I live in Florida, and would not be able to attend. I have tried in the past to make payments to pay this loan back but there ways of paying it back were unheard of, and I couldn't even get a business phone number to speak to someone in regards to this, the communication was on thru email, and I just don't trust things like that. Anyway I am unemployed and right now am having to move due to the bank is taking our home, I have already lost everything and can't pay this loan all back up front, I would have to make payments but from what I understand they want more then I can pay. Please can someone help me or tell me what I can do to make these people take what I

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If they file a lawsuit they have to serve you. Do they know your address? If you are unemployed the judgment would somewhat useless until you got a job.

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