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I took out a loan and my car was collateral, i lost my job and i filed for bankruptcy it was dismissed how do i stop them taking

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the creditor sent a guy to try and get it but i wouldnt let them.How do i stop them from taking my vehicle which is a salvaged car

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If you can find another job and obtain a steady source of income you may be able to file chapter 13.
Chapter 13 will allow you to obtain an automatic stay and the creditor wont be able to take your car.
But to be eligible for chapter 13 you need to be able to make the plan payments.

If you can't afford to file chapter 13 you may be able work out an arrangement directly with the creditor. Since the car is a salvage car and you make the creditor aware of that, they may consent to a payment arrangements.

If the car is taken , the lender will sell the vehicle at an auction and since its a salvage vehicle you might be able to buy the vehicle at the auction for a nominal amout.


They have a legal interest in the vehicle. Make a deal with them or lose it.

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If your case was dismissed within the last year and you file another case, the automatic stay will only last for 30 days unless you file a Motion and have it approved at a hearing that takes place before the 30 day period ends.

You cannot hide the vehicle from the creditor. Some states consider that to be criminal. You need to pay the loan or surrender the car.

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