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I took out a used car loan for my daughter in law because she had no credit. I went through my credit union in GA

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She won't pay the loan 3 months threatening repo, truck was registered to her, I have to pay loan back, but I cant do anything with this truck because it was registered to her? She lost her license for having an accident with no insurance in FL and refuses to pay the car that she had the accident with. What are my rights/responsibilities; under GA law where it was registered. Can I sell it if the loan is in my name and it has not been paid for going on 4 months????

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Sorry this is happening to you. Tough situation. It's one thing if she will not or cannot pay the loan. It's a whole 'nother thing if she refuses after you pay it all, to give the car to you, not to mention family dynamics. I wish you good luck with it.


You've got a mess on your hands but if you want to know about cars and Georgia law, then you need to talk to Mike Flinn there. You can get his contact info at He knows all things GA when it comes to how the law applies to something with wheels on it.

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I agree with my colleagues. I would simply add that you cannot sell what you do not own. If you are not listed on the title, then you do not own the vehicle. All you "own" is the debt.

I do not know how you work this out, but your daughter needs to take some responsibility here, in my opinion. She can also help you to make this go away by adding you to the title and then allowing the vehicle to be sold.

James Frederick

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