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I took a plea on a domestic abuse case in 2009/10, can i reopen and get it dropped?

Las Vegas, NM |

my ex girlfriend pressed charges on me for domestic abuse, when she went to my grandmother's looking for me, and hitting me, yelling and screaming at me, and i eventually hit her back. she later messaged me she would drop charges and she loved me....blah blah blah, and i asked her to for our daughters sake. i ended up taking a plea for aggravated battery, aggravated stalking, and harrassment. Now i recieved police reports pertaining to her new relationship, and shes doing the same thing to this guy. She also harrasses my girlfriend, and has kept my child from me for months now, illegaly. will this be enough evidence to reopen my case and get these charges off my record?

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Attorney answers 2


No. While it may be evident to you that she is acting the same way now, that she did back then, there isn't any evidence that what she is doing now is what she did then. But, you should bring it to the court's attention that she is keeping your kid from you. Speak with an attorney and see about filing a motion for contempt, assuming you have an order that lays out when you get to see your kid.


Very unlikely.