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I took a drug test for a new job. The test results came back positive for drugs. I am drug free so the test were not mine.

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I retook the test at another test location on my own and it came back drug free but unacceptable to employer. I requested to retake at first location and was denied without the employers permission even after the doctor stated that I could retest. I was denied &requested to see my signature and initials, the chain of custody specimen acquisition pouch, and any other evidence that that was my actual hair sample. I do not remember signing the first hair sample container/envelope/pouch or whatever my hair was placed in during the first test. I am humiliated and depressed! I am suppose to be working today "not" asking a lawyer what to do to save my name, reputation, and to protect and provide for my family's financial future after all I have been on Unemployment for over a year.HELP PLEASE

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You need to find another employer.

Nothing in the law requires an employer to be satisfied with or accept any such results, or even to hire you if you passed.

There could conceivably be an action against the testing company, but I doubt that any attorney would go near it without a several thousand dollar retainer.



Thanks for sharing


You don't have any right to employment, so the employer is not bound to do anything for you, even if it is their mistake. Just stay drug free and keep trying.

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