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I thought that I have been wrongfully towed.Is this a civil attorney case?

Orange, CA |

Last September 28,2010 at around 10:45pm I've visited my friend's home.I normally
park my car the same spot or place everytime I visited friend's house,numerous times.I've even seen some cars parked on that specipic spot or place.Perhaps as a guest since there's no "NO Parking" sign, not even a red painted curve,we're thinking this is the designated parking spot for the guest.My truck on that said place 217 Sparkleberry,Orange,Ca. had been towed by Tows R Russ with the authorization of Patrol Masters.My violation according to the is "FIRELANE".
Please advice me if I can file a claim for at least the amount($254.00) that I've paid to the tow company .Also pain and suffering compensation,don't know .Just feel that way, coz I have to make a lot calls(police dept.,traffic div.,friends,etc.

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You could file a case in small claims court for the amount you paid to get the car out of the lot. It is unlikely that you would get emotional damages, but you never know. You'll also want to evaluate the cost of filing the case and the time involved. I would bet in the end that it would not be worth it to file, but that is a decision only you can make. You could also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

For more information on the small claims process check out:


You can absolutely sue in small claims court. I believe there is a California law that says if you are illegally towed, you can actually sue for twice (or maybe even three times) the amount of money that it cost to get your car back!


You can sue the tow company in small claims court. You can possibly get 4 times the amount charged if the tow company is found liable. See California Vehicle Code Section 22658.

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