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I think my name was forged on a Quit Claim Deed for 2 apt. bldgs., 35 yrs. ago (approx.) & in the Property Settlement my ex-

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husband claimed my share in the bldgs. as his, in exchange for our home. I've been told by the other 2 partners that the monetary division was extremely unfair & now that they are selling the last of the 2 buildings, I should put a Lien on it and get a fair share. Is it too late to do anything? Why would he feel the need for the Quit Claim that I feel he forged anyway?

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A forged deed conveys no interest. The 35 years could be a deal-breaker, unless there is a really compelling reason why you could not have sooner discovered the forged deed. Your statement that you "feel" he forged the deed, would lead to a possible suspicion that you actually did sign the deed and do not recall. These elements would appear to make for a extremely weak case, but you should consult with an experienced real estate attorney as soon as you can.
Disclaimer: California attorney Robert Miller has practiced for over 45 years and restricts his practice to real estate and probate matters in the Central District of Los Angeles. Any opinion expressed is for general informational purposes only, no attorney-client relationship is intended or created by this answer, and no action or inaction should be contemplated without first employing and consulting with a competent attorney convenient to the questioner.

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