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I think my judge is biased against me. What should I do? How can I get a new judge.

San Diego, CA |

Would rather not give anymore details at this time. Thank you.

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Generally speaking, no, not if you have already appeared before this judge. Normally, you could have filed a premptory challenge to the judge pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure section 170.6, but most likely the time has already expired for that.

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If you have facts to support your concern of bias, you can make a motion for the judge to be disqualified for cause under CCP 170.3 but you need to make the motion as soon as you are aware of the facts that support your claim.

If you have already appeared before the judge it is likely too late to file a peremptory challenge under CCP 170.6, as Attorney Chen pointed out. But since you have not given us any information, including whether this case is civil or criminal, we can't really tell if you might still be able to use section 170.6. It allows you to make an assertion of bias and automatically be assigned a new judge. Generally, 170.6 must be invoked within 10 days of notice of the assignment of the judge.

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