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I think my husband has no right to ask my personal finance since we are separate so why he made her lawyer a subpoena againts me

Ellicott City, MD |

we are separate my 17 years old did a protective order vs him and that is why he is trying to get all my finances to be reveal to the judge for him to not pay any child alimony and child support He wants to control all our lives even we are separate how can I stop t=his lawyer to ask to all my banks all my personal statement? She sent it the 02.07/2013

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The Rules of Procedure permit wide ranging discovery. Your husband (and his attorney) are entitled to obtain information and/or documentation that are relevant and/or may lead to relevant information and/or documentation.

Anything acquired during marriage, except by gift or inheritance, is a marital asset and subject to disposition by the court. Therefore, the discovery may seem overly broad but it may be appropriate.

You would be well advised to seek the assistance of a lawyer. A lawyer can evaluate the discovery requests and determine whether they are objectionable in whole or in part. Additionally, a lawyer can prepare disovery on your behalf.

Please be advised that any information or advice given herein does not constitute an attorney client relationship. Further, before taking any actions or deciding not to take any actions, you should seek counsel of an attorney. This forum cannot provide you with the anyalysis and detail necessary for a full and accurate opinion to be rendered.