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I think my attorney settled my case before i approved.

Los Angeles, CA |

If i find out this is true that he settled without my permission, what is my recouse?

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In workers' comp, a case can only be settled two ways: Stipulated Award or Compromise and Release. Either one requires that the settlement be written out on a state mandated form and signed by you, your attorney and the defendant. It must then be approved in writing by a workers' compensation judge. Having said that, unless you signed off on a settlement, your case is not settled. You can check with your attorney as to the status of your case. If still in doubt, you can check with the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board. They can check the computer as to the status of your case.

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You need to look at your written fee agreement to see what it says abotu settlement. Your lawyer can't settle your case without your consent.

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