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I sustained"minor"injuries from 2med.provd.but cant find a firm to file my claim...Please advise,the Statute expires very soon!

Newark, NJ |

3/11-6/11 i was a a sub-acute for rehab.on my R knee,4/?/11 my nurse tripped over the wheel of my wheelchair and fell on me while i sat on the edge of my bed,a local e.r. said i suffered multiple sprains and bruises,gave me a shot for pain and returned me back with modifications to my p.t...5/?/11 i was sent for more x-rays on my back at another e.r.where they administered a large dose of morphine,failing to notice several"Fentinol"pathces i had on my chest. this mistake rendered me unconscious for many hours causing me extremnity pain,numbness,nightmares til this day... SORRY aint cuttin it... i feel i derserve something,i did nothing wrong in either incident..!

the sub-acute admn. refuses to accept/return my calls and refuses to admit they did anything wrong... the e.r. that overdosed me had their risk management offer me a "free" dinner for what they decided was only a medical error...

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Keep trying to find a lawyer, or you can pay one to prepare a suit for you. Not a good idea, as these are hard to handle and expensive to prosecute. If no atty wants it, it may mean there isnt enough damages to you, or there are proof problems. Good luck.


Try a recently-licensed attorney who needs cases. Good luck.

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There will be a lawyer out there who'll take the case so keep trying and you'll find one. You,will need to file suit before the Statute of Limitations runs to preserve your right to bring a claim.


If you numbness and pain to this day, and it can be traced to the morphine, then you may have a decent case BUT has anyone ever linked the pain to the morphine? Have you sought treatment for pain and numbness? What does your neurologist say? At 250 an hour, you'll have dozens of attorneys willing to take the case regardless of your answers. Without acceptable answers to those questions very few.

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You should immediately contact attorneys in your home county. It may take time, but you should find someone who can take your case. However, if you have spoken to 5 or 6 law firms and no one is interested, then perhaps there really is no negligence to speak of. Most lawyers won't take a case on a contingency fee that they don't have some expectation of winning.

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