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I suspect my landlord has been in my room, without permission, while i was in the bathroom!

Hempstead, NY |

I rent a bedroom in my landlord's house, and share a bathroom. We are in a verbal agreement, and pay rent monthly. While I was in the shower, I heard my bedroom door open, and then the landlord asked who is in the bathroom. I replied that I was, can I help him? The landlord said no and left. I did not physically see the landlord enter the room, but the door is adjacent to the bathroom so it is easy to hear when my door is opened. The next day I asked the landlord if there was anything I could have given him a hand with, but he said he was just going into his son's room, making no acknowledgment that he opened my door. I do not know if he entered or not. I would like to stay on good terms with the landlord, but I am worried about my privacy being violated, especially if I am not home.

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I think you may want to get a motion activated, covert video recording device. I googled it and there are many to choose from. This will ensure that your privacy is protected and provide proof of invasion of privacy if it happens that you are correct.

If it turns out that your landlord is violating your privacy I suggest you contact an attorney andthe District Attorney.

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