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I started asking the police for help and I feel rejected / unpleased with each attempt for help, What can I do legally?

Orlando, FL |

I was born in Kissimmee, Florida in 1981, for some reason in 2007 I began asking the police for help on the new efile ( on-line reporting ). My report was completely denied and rejected by an employee of the sheriff's station. I became a victim of a lot of things in 2007 as well and I was just wondering what type of attorney or what should I do about the rejection and pain I think the employees / officers have allowed criminals and other types of people hurt me. Please write back soon, today is 5-19-2013 and it's about 4 pm.

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Attorney answers 2


The police have no duty to protect individuals from harm unless they voluntarily assume that duty. For an article on the issue, please follow the attached link to the NY Times. You have no recourse unless you can show the police voluntarily assumed that duty, and that is a very difficult burden to prove.


A lawsuit would be fruitless