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I started a confession page for my high school where students could submit there confessions and they're threatening to sue me.

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A couple days ago, I started a confession page on Facebook for my former high school in which confessions were sent in to a Google docs survey sheet and I would then put them up on the Facebook page. Some of the confessions got out of hand and people told the staff in my school. The staff then decided to shut down the page because it was a way of cyber-bullying in their eyes. I did as they asked but now they're threatening to press charges on me even though other people submitted the confessions. Other high schools have kept their confession pages up with the argument that they are exercising the first amendment but I still shut mine down. Can they press charges on me for the comments of others?

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Unfortunately, you haven't given enough information to answer your question. There is a difference between being sued (which is civil - the worst thing they can do is get a judgment against you for money or get an order requiring you to do/not do certain things with the page) and being charged criminally, which may result in you having to pay fines, serve jail time, and have a "permanent record". You should contact an attorney in your area who practices both school law and criminal defense, and quickly. Your rights are easier to waive than you think, and you want to be sure that you do not take actions that could make your problems worse. If you are a minor, I would suggest that you talk to your parent/guardian about the situation, and explain to them why it is so important for you to have competent legal counsel.

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