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I spent 18 months in jail after being wrongfully convicted. I won my case on appeal. Now I am out of jail. Can I get money?

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charged with robbery, then they added a lesser of larceny.......i took stand and it was clear we were going to win. after i got off the stand over our objections they added theft by falsae pretences to. i was convicted. appeals court reversed conviction because tfp is not a lesser to robbery and i was never put on notice.

so i am out of jail but lost my business and 18 months of my life....

found not guilty on robbery and larceny

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I added Civil Rights and Government Misconduct to your inquiry as these are more likely areas where you'll find an attorney who can give you better information. Good luck!

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Ask your trial attorney and/or the appellate attorney for a referral to a plaintiff's civil rights attorney. Good luck. Sorry to hear about what happened to you.

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First pose this question to the attorneys who have worked on your case.

Good Luck!

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California's Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board, a three-person state administrative body, can award $100 a day for each day spent behind bars after a wrongful conviction.

Simply being exonerated by an appellate court isn’t enough to qualify for compensation. Claimants must prove three points to receive compensation: that they did not commit the crime or that the crime did not take place; that they did not intentionally contribute to their own arrest by “voluntarily” or “knowingly” pleading guilty to the crime; and that they experienced financial losses as a result of their incarceration. The process can take two years from the filing of the claim to the hearing. The Board must approve compensation claims before they are sent to the state Legislature for a final vote.

Fewer than 10% of the people who have filed such claims have been awarded compensation.

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Francis Rowland Pabst

Francis Rowland Pabst


I whole heartedly agree. Furthermore, this is an extremely well written, to the point answer on this subject.


The typical answer is to contact your attorney. Not so much help.

I believe the correct answer is that unless your victory on appeal can support a motion for a determination of factual innocence, any recovery from the State is improbable.

I hope that makes some sense to you. It should help you "ask your lawyer"

Good luck,

Daniel Smith

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