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I sold my car to someone and he was making payment he got in a accident the car got total out.Do I own him any money?

Marietta, GA |

He didnt finish making payment for the car so the insurance is giving me a check for the value of the car.Does he get any money back since the car wasn't his because he still owned me money? We signed a contract which states when he finish paying for the car I will sign the title over to him

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I am not a GA lawyer, but if you held title in the asset, it belongs to you. You carried all the liability for what happened to that car whether you knew it or not. The contract is controlling. What does it say about his rights? My guess was that it was his responsibility to take care of the car and make payments. He defaulted on that contract by not making the payments as he said he would in the contract. If he was still drivning it under this contract it was voidable at any time and you were actually letting him drive it without legal capacity. I don't think you owe him anything, but you shd consult a GA attorney. As the owner of the car you might be sued for what he did with that car, so don't spend the $$ all in one place! Good luck...