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I sold a counterfit pair of Louis vuitton sunglasses on ebay

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I havepurchased about 6 items form a chinese distributor and they were afterall my dismay counterfits. Chanel and Louis vuitton all six were sold, one was sold to portugual and the buyer took them back to the CTT post office and reported them as fake goods. I do not knwo if they have seized them but I am more worried about getting arrested. I have sld six pairs and am not going to sell anything more again. Just want to know if I am going to jail for 10 years or will be convicted since I reside in USA?

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It would depend on many factors such as how to held the goods out to the buyers as and are they asking for a refund or are they contacting the police.

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Yes asking for a refund and they have sent the goods back from Portugual were the item was sent to the buyer. I was told by the buyer that he told the postal service that they were marked as fake goods? I don't know yet if the item has been seized by customs. I am waiting to see if I get them in the mail.



They were sold fro $271.00 I guess that the real ones ae sold for $795.00. I was sure that they were real then after I investigated my source that I bought them from, I found out all the items were fake and contacted the supplier and am returning the items that I have because I am really scared!! Did not think that they were fake!



Gotta look out for those people. Fake designer goods are a hot market.

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