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I signed a t-mobile contract when i was 16 now im 17

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Im 17 now and i can signed a contract (2) years for a tmobile Item and the sales associate who works at tmobile said my Bill would be $244 monthly and i had recently found out my bill turned into $277 I remember asking the associate if my bill would be $244 monthly. so I agreed and signed the contract he asked for my student I.D and i gave it to him also i needed a credit card to confirm the purchase which at the time i did not own one so a associate working there offered to use his and he had co signed for me i walked away with the item not im being billed for something that had turned out to be a complete lie. I also have the paper that said $244 circled with tax but no name or signature. I believe they have it.

To get out of the contract it is an $200 fee is this something id have to take to court or do i have to call up tmobile and deal with this myself

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Someone under the age of 18 cannot be bound by a contract. Cancel the contract and ignore the protests. Make it clear you are cancelling it by sending that information by regular mail and return receipt requested (that's right 2 letters saying the same thing.) Hold onto the receipt in a safe place for when they start claiming you have to pay them beyond the day you cancelled. The only one on the hook is there employee.

This was a really dumb plan. Especially the sales associate using his credit card...

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Also they want $200 to end the contract with the device sorry left that part out thank you soo much!

Anthony John Colleluori

Anthony John Colleluori


They can want a lot of things. I want a million dollars and no taxes and world peace. Looks better for me than them. YOU cannot be held to the contract. Hence You must return the item and YOU have no other obligations. Get it??


As a minor, you can "disaffirm" (cancel) a contract, but you'll have to give the "item" that you bought back.

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