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I signed a non cancelable contract and cant afford to make monthly payments;the company will not let me to cancel what can I do

Houston, TX |

I emailed the acct. dept and they refuse to cancel due to the contract.

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Sorry, but you can't make them cancel it. You're stuck with whatever you signed. They may repossess what you bought or leased, and sue you for the unpaid balance.


An analysis of this situtation depends in part on what the contract was for. Did you contract for a service or to buy a good or what? Is there anything wrong with the subject of the contract? Did someone mislead you about the subject or your ability to cancel? How did you know the contract was non-cancellable, does it state so right in the contract? How long ago did you sign the contract? A lot of contracts have a default termination provision which states what happens if you terminate the contract. You may have to pay some penalty fee to escape. Generally, if you are not receiving the service, you should not have to pay ffull price or the full contract period for something that you are not receiving.

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