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I signed a contract with a timeshare resale.

Brooklyn, NY |

The company charged me an ufront fee they call marketing fee. Contract is fro 6 months. someone wanted to buy my property of $10,000 but when i cantacted the person he said this was false. I called the omcpnay and demanded a refund they refused because i signed the contact for 6 months. Now that 6 months is coming to an end they still refuse to refund because I disputed the charge with my credit card and it prevented them from selling my property. They claim I breached the contract. IS this a breach and how can I get my money back. complaints must go through binding arbitration only as per the contract.

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Hire a lawyer to assert whatever rights you have under this "resale" contract and under the timeshare contract itself.

Many people have asked similar questions on Avvo, you may want to check out those answers. Like you, some have resorted to the industries that have cropped up to take even more advantage of these buyers, including "advocates" and "resellers," which seem to be nothing but throwing worse money after bad.

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