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I signed a community property agreement in 1995. I forgot all about it. I was divorced in 2000. Is this agreement in effect?

Spokane, WA |

My ex has been in jail since 2000. For domestic violence and child molestation. We signed this agreement while married and happy. I fogot all about it until I cleaned some old files and found it. Is it void because we divorced in 2000? Or is there something I need to do to make it void? It has a notary stamp and was filed/recorded in 1995 in Spokane County Wash. by the auditor...

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Additional information is needed in order to answer this question. It is unclear exactly what the agreement is for. Also, there should have been a property disposition done when the dissolution was finalized. Please consult with an experienced attorney in private so that additional details can be given and the documents can be reviewed. Many attorneys, including myself, offer free inital consultations.


It all depends on what the documents say. You should set up a one hour consultation with an attorney in your area and bring both the community property agreement and the final divorce papers to them to review.