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I signed a car purchase contract in arizona,but I have not take the car yet can I cancel the contract.

Phoenix, AZ |

I signed the car contract yesterday and today I realize that I really don't want that car.What are my options

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In most states your rights depend on your paperwork. Generally there is no right to cancel a contract for anything in life unless there is something written down in your contract paperwork that gives it to you, but you may not be stuck because there may be other ways to cancel a contract. In most states, your legal rights in a contract are mostly determined by the paperwork that you sign. Some state laws which govern some specific industries may have a right to cancel, such as dance lessons or spa memberships, but that depends on your state’s specific laws. You need to talk to a local Business Law attorney near you and find out what your state laws say. Call your local attorney's Bar Association and ask for a referral to a Business Law attorney near you. But if you have a legal problem now then you should act quickly because for every legal right you have, there is only a limited amount of time to actually file a lawsuit in court or your rights expire (it's called the statute of limitations), so don't waste your time getting to a Business Law attorney and finding out what your rights are. If this answer was helpful, please check the box below.


Unfortunately, there is no statutory right to cancel (or "rescind") a contract in Arizona. As Mr. Burdge indicated, many states do have a "cooling off" period (usually 3-days) in which a consumer can rescind a contract to buy a car. Arizona does not have such a law.

That does not necessarily mean you are out of luck, however. There are several contract principles under which one can rescind any kind of action (fraud, duress, etc.). They are usually very difficult to prove, but they may provide you with a basis to get out of the contract if you are adamant about not wanting the vehicle. If you think you would like to pursue this option, you should contact a lawyer with experience in contract litigation and pay for a few hours of his time to discuss your case with you and determine if you have a basis to rescind your contract.